Legalteam / CASAS RILEY SIMONIAN LLP is a Bay Area, California based law firm with 40+ years of experience. The firm was looking for a refresh to their website that would feel more current, dynamic and welcoming to a new generation of clients.

Visit the live website at Legalteam.com

Website Redesign
Branding Refresh


Prospective clients seeking legal counsel may be dealing with challenging situations. We decided to create a very calming color palette with cool tones and an energizing green to carry you through the primary actions. These colors work with the existing logo white creating a very different look & feel.


In another effort to create a welcoming and friendly experience, icons were used to represent the practice areas of the firm. I like to incorporate texture, such as this pencil-effect linework, to make create a break from the digital precision of websites.


The site has been modified for each screen size so it displays perfectly on any device. Subtle transitions and animations create depth and interest as you navigate through the site.


We reviewed the existing website as a launching point. It was simple, clean and functional but no longer reflected the evolution of the firm.

The goal was to create a more immersive and dynamic website experience that would reflect the new approachable-professional style coming out of many Silicon Valley companies.