Got Vitality


Got Vitality is a coaching service to empower mothers in their physical, emotional, hormonal and nutritional health. The client approached me with the goal of creating a new logo and website that would better reflect her developing business, appeal to new mothers and be easy for her to update and maintain independently.

Visit the live website at gotvitality.com

Website Redesign
Branding Redesign
Got Vitality homepage designGot Vitality blog designColored Business cards for Got Vitality


While there were elements of the existing logo that the client wanted to preserve, the overall logo was not resonating with her target audience of new mothers. The logo redesign aimed to create a fresh, feminine, vibrant and energetic feeling.

Existing Got Vitality logos


The moodboard pulls together vibrant imagery which feels energetic, friendly and fresh.

Moodboard for the Got Vitality brand redesign


The updated logo appeals to moms through a variety of brand elements. The color palette is uplifting but not overly "girly." The lowercase type feels fresh and current and the corners have been rounded off to create a friendly feel. The heart form in "got" reflects the client's approach to coaching and was preserved and updated from the prior logo.

The new Got Vitality logoColored background versions of the new logo


The mid tones of the color palette are vivid and energizing. The dark tones are deep rich colors which ground the visuals. The lighter tones are fresh and airy.

Got Vitality brand colors


The site has been modified for each screen size so it displays perfectly on any device.


A range of simple design templates were created in Canva so the client can generate her own assets for social media.

Social Media template design