Bridget Biscotti Bradley Homeopathy


Bridget offers homeopathic consulting for complex kids and their families. She is a practical, holistic, inclusive homeopath who was looking to develop a brand to reflect her practice.

Print Design
Digital Template Design


The goal was to create a brand mood that was inviting and friendly, geared towards parents and with a reference towards the healing power of nature. This was achieved through plant imagery, natural colors and hand drawn elements.


The client requested the imagery of a hummingbird in the primary logo. Hand drawn elements create a more natural and imperfect effect which is refreshing to see on digital platforms.


A secondary logo mark can be used in instances where the wrapped font of the primary mark maybe become too small to read. This allows for a vast range of uses and offers some variety.


The color palette creates a calming feeling for parents seeking help for their children. The colors reflect natural elements and ingredients used in homeopathic remedies.


The rounded serif font used for the headings is inviting and gentle. The sans serif font used in the body copy also has rounded details making it a little more uplifting than a standard sans serif font.


A library of illustrations and additional marks were created for use in future print collateral, presentations and other applications.


Branded Google forms and documents will help the client create a seamless experience that continues to feel gentle and calming even when dealing with difficult topics.